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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Working 9 to 5....

You can tell I am working 3 days this week - no time to chat!! Only one more to do and then I have some space for myself. Next week another three and then it is my birthday weekend. Last year was such a fantastic one for me, and I loved everything about it, and here we are almost a year in between and such a lot of changes have occurred in that time. I have nothing planned at all. I am considering doing something on another day as my friends are busy that weekend and since I don't know many, I would prefer to celebrate it when they are all free at the same time!
Tomorrow my mother in law will turn 91. Isn't that incredible? She is forty years older than me so I marvel at her tenacity and strength. She is a lovely woman and I am glad that she has been in my life.
I received such a beautiful card with Siamese cats on today from my friend Jackie who lost her cat last year. I must take a picture of it as it is truly lovely. My collection is growing steadily!
Well, I am tired now and want a cup of tea before I start preparing our dinner. So this was short and sweet and really just about saying HELLO.
Sue xx

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