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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Surprise phone call

I was already asleep last night when the telephone rang. It was an english number that I vaguely recognised but not totally, so I thought, it can wait until tomorrow...I'll ring the number and find out who it was! So I did just that, and it turned out to be my sister!!
Actually I was pleased to hear from her as she was able to tell me all about her treatment and the liver transplant situation, so now I know much more than before, and that is great. She is being treated by Kings College Hospital in London which is the best in the world. They are the foremost transplant experts and seem to do so many it is crazy. Last weekend they did 5, for goodness sake, so they are kept pretty busy by the sounds of things. She has to keep a bag ready all the time, and would be collected and taken to the hospital should a donor be found for her. She sounded quite philosophical about it and accepting of her situation. She said that her symptoms are synonymous with liver failure/disease so she is always cold and tired and wants to sleep during the day and be awake at night. Sounds odd to me, but she says it is true. She is sick most days, and if she does something in the morning then she is worn out by the afternoon. But it was good to hear it from her as my mother never knows anything as she finds it all too much to talk or ask about. Then I talked with my aunt for a while so it was all good this morning. I feel the need to talk about everything that has nothing to do with anything relevant to my situation right now, just to be able to laugh and joke and relax is everything right now.
Finka is worrying me though. Her eyes are not better and she sneezed really hard just now and lost a little diarrhea at the same time. This is not good news so I will ring the vet again tomorrow and just ask about it. She has got a good appetite but I don't like the fact that other signs are appearing............
have sent for two new CD's as a treat to me!!! I've been wanting one for so long now, that I finally saw it on offer and went for it. It is the African Ladysmith Black Mambazo Choir and the other one is by Seal, as I feel that I ought to have at least one CD of his in my collection!! I am of the opinion that just waiting for anyone to 'guess' what music I love, is no good; I have to get it myself!!! Only problem is the delivery times are rather long...BOL.COM is not always that great when it comes to their stock!!! I chose one for Peter too and that is going to take 4-6 weeks!!!!! Well, his taste is not run of the mill shall we say! I am hoping, though, that I will get my perfume for my birthday as that is beyond my pocket!! I think I have about two more days worth to use and then it is up!!! Woe is me...............hope I get some Douglas vouchers from Tim!!!
Sue xx

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