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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Have you ever had a day........

When nothing goes the way you expected or wanted it to go?!! Last night was such a night for the Dutch skater Sven Kramer. A costly mistake by his coach and himself got him disqualified from a race which he was expected to win. And he was the fastest skater by 4 seconds. It was his. But instead he has had to accept a very different outcome than he had imagined, and I think everyone here feels his despair with him and the team. I bet he wishes it was just a dream rehearsal and he still had it to come!! Or that he could race all over again and get it right. Fate. It has us in its grip. Have you got things you wish you could do again so that the outcome would be different? I think just about every one of us has if the truth were told. I know I certainly have a few!! But the 24 hours that lie ahead of us are just that; they are the unknown future and despite the fact that we have filled them in our minds already, there is nothing to say that the final outcome will be the one we expected when we woke up this morning. Take Tim and Lieke for instance. Yesterday they were planning a day in Amsterdam together. It was a sunnier day for a change, and they were going to get up on time and go somewhere in their school holiday. At the moment that seems highly unlikely as they are still in Tim's room, watching movies and lounging about as teenagers do!!! It is raining here and damp and not such a nice day, so the attraction of staying home in the warmth has outweighed any desire to be in the city roaming from store to store and getting steadily colder!!! I suppose I don't blame them, but I was looking forward to a 'home alone' day to get my baking done, and to scrap and to lounge a little myself!!! Best laid plans an' all that!!!
Sue xx

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