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Monday, 15 February 2010

Having fun!

Having done all that I needed to this morning my conscience is clear as I sit here dabbling in ink!! I am making bookmarks again; love it! So quick!!! Having done the workshops recently I have a better idea of what to do about layering colours and stamps and I am feeling really cool about my efforts thus far. I also did a tiny cover for a note book (which I wish I had more of because it was so nice to do)....but my efforts today are concentrated upon bookmarks. And new colour combinations - am loving the pool; butterscotch and eggplant Adirondacks by the way! And I have finally got some Tim Holtz grunge background stamps which are wonderful and SO great for just adding detail without overpowering the total picture. Guess what, everyone is going to be getting a bookmark from me this year!! Will add some pics when I have run out of inspiration and finished them all.
Sue xx

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