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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Absolutely no voice at all!

My throat was feeling sore all night long and I was afraid that when I woke up there would be nothing coming out of my voice at all..........there was barely a squeak!!! My cold seems to be intent on stopping me from doing too much talking and certainly no singing this week, which is as frustrating as it can get for someone like me who is desperate to talk, talk, talk! I had it all planned - all the mumbo jumbo in my head needs to tumble out and what happens? Speechless!!
My Seal CD arrived and I listened to it in bed last night before sleeping. Fantastic!! I absolutely loved it more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the re-working of the old classics and it was full of energy and rhythm which I was not totally expecting since it is soul music and I sort of thought it was likely to be slower and more haunting stuff. But I'm totally happy with it and it will be played in the kitchen today. Well, if I can't talk, then music is the best alternative, right?!!!!
Sue xx

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