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Monday, 8 February 2010

House full of colds

Tim has just recovered from a nasty cold and Peter and I are now suffering!! Peter has taken to his bed this morning as he feels worse than me, but I went to bed early last night with an awful headache and a sore throat, and woke up this morning feeling woozy and with a slight temperature. I had such a bad nights sleep ( can hardly call it that really) and don't feel properly rested at all, so I am glad that I don't have to work until tomorrow. I get one day to get over it!!
Perhaps I will indulge in a little afternoon siesta............it is cold here again and I am getting my winter woollies out of the bedroom again. Minus 5 when I went out with Tim this morning! But no ice or snow so nothing to complain about. There is talk of more snow later in the week however, which does not please me as I am going to be driving to Sleen early Friday morning!!! It takes over 2 hours to get there and Loes and I will be leaving really early.........so dark and snow or ice are not the best combination for me to drive in!!! Fingers crossed it will all be fine. I hate being a fatalist and thinking the worst before it even happens so I will remain positive and think happy thoughts of sunshine and open roads!!!
Sue xx

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