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Monday, 8 February 2010

This was my day

After doing my chores this morning Finka and I settled down to watch last nights episode of Lark Rise to Candleford. I do love it! And having heard Becci say that she cries every episode, I was thinking how calm I was being because I didn't do that every week. And of course last nights did make me cry!!! I think it was especially for before Valentine's Day ( next Sunday for those likely to forget!) because the theme was romance and unrequited love and ordinary every day long-lasting love and new love just starting..........LOVE. In all its phases, its difficulties, its enduringness, its doubt, its simplicity and its complications. And it was so good to see Tom Conti acting in it! Haven't seen him for a long time in any sort of role, but he played the part of the grieving man so well....delicious! I sat on the settee wearing my tears with empathy and gentility. I loved it! I am so glad I taped it as now I can watch it again whenever I am in the mood!!
Just been out this afternoon with Tim. He wanted to buy Peter his birthday present and we were able to do that together so that is done. We also went window shopping for him.............he is getting more fussy about what clothes he likes to wear and his taste is improving even though I do say so myself. If only I could persuade him that his hair would benefit from a little tidying up!! Not cutting just a few layers in to give it more shape.............softly, softly, catchee monkey..................
Sue xx

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