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Friday, 19 February 2010

With a bit of a gentle SHOVE!!!!

Finally...........I hope..........Tim has completed and SENT IN his application form to college!!! Think of him as a sheep. Alone in a huge field. Content doing nothing the whole day, but suddenly the farmer needs to get him in one reason or another. He calls on his sheepdogs to round him up, and slowly but surely they manage to get him right where they want him!! Takes a while but eventually it is achieved.
My sheepdogs are myself, the decaan and Tim's mentor at school, and thankfully they are the best I could hope for. Together we have managed to get Tim this far and although there is still some way to go, there is hope. Here was I thinking that the reservation for the Dinner for Vietnam was organised, only to find out that Tim hadn't given in the form to do that for me until yesterday.......the last day that it could be handed in!!! So our places are safe! After some concerted efforts on all our parts, Tim has completed the application form for his course and posted it with the decaan.........hurrah! Only the baker to visit now and I can rest easy in my sleep. I called Tim the sheep because he is blissfully unmoved by all our worries and concerns and efforts on his behalf, totally convinced that there is nothing to worry about and it will all be fine. All he has to do is chew grass!!!
Last night at choir there were only 16 of us present. A huge drop in numbers and we are down to one man! Worrying times. It was a good rehearsal and the atmosphere was positive but we cannot afford to lose more members. I am loving singing Halellujah by Leonard Cohen. I am not so convinced about some of our other numbers but then again, I was spoilt in Zoetermeer by having such a large repertoire to sing from. I think people don't realise that singing in a choir is hard work sometimes. Learning 4 parts is not the same as singing a solo, or singing as one voice. In fact, getting a choir to sing as one voice, totally in harmony with everyone, equal volume from every voice, timing etc is the hardest thing of all. Our dirigent was very good last night and he has a nice way with the choir. We can do well with Filip I believe. We have got lots of adverts out now, so hopefully with lighter nights and spring on its way, we will get a great response this time. Fingers crossed!!!
A day off today. I was expecting it to be slightly different to what it now appears to be going to be, and I am not happy about that really, but these are my frustrations right now, and I have such a lot on my mind. Better start the day I guess!!!
Sue xx

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