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Thursday, 4 February 2010

A good day scrapping

Loes and I worked on her China album today, and I have come home with a large bag full of layouts to make for it!!! At the moment I have more time than she does, and I am glad to be occupied really, so all good. It is so nice just being able to focus on something creative for a day, letting all ones other worries just disappear into the background for a while. Sort of balances out good and bad for me. This afternoon I took Finka for a check-up at the vets but really she just needs to have the eye salve for longer before we think about anti-biotics as she is no worse and it has not had much time to take effect as yet. Tomorrow I am working so that will make the day go by quickly too, and then it is open evening at the college where Tim wants to go this coming autumn. And I decided ( thinking about comments our vet made recently!!!) that I would treat myself to a cut and colour on Saturday morning!! Sort of a birthday treat to myself I suppose. Ah, getting someone else to cut and wash and sort a woman's hair out is something we all enjoy I think! I make such a mess of it when I do it myself - more dye on the towel than in my hair!!! Now, this evening I need to be at choir sooner so I have to 'cut this short' as well, and see to dinner.
Sue xx

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