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Friday, 19 February 2010

Sauna treat

For my 50th birthday last year I was given a Relaxing Voucher for a sauna, but I haven't got around to going yet - and I only have one more week left! So I have booked it for this coming Monday, as I reckon I will need it then! I get a back massage thrown in as well, and it all sounds lovely. I think I deserve it too, so although I am sort of shy about this sort of thing, it would be rather underserving not to use a present like this in my opinion, so I have plucked up the courage to go. There! Done!
Becci is more or less convinced that we ought to give Dublin our vote for the weekend away. Having spent HOURS searching on the internet this morning/afternoon, I think I have found a suitable B&B for us in the town centre, and reasonably priced flights for us both. Neither of us have a fortune to spend, so it is a case of 'cheap and cheerful' and some quality time with my darling daughter. She is going to phone later so that we can fix the dates and book!! Now it is all about logistics....timing arrivals at the airport etc and getting the most out of a couple of days away from it all. De-stressing I think you call it!!!!
Sue xx

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