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Saturday, 6 February 2010

the best laid plans of mice and men

( well, woman, in this case!) Don't you just hate it when you think you have made a sound plan that makes the best use of the time available, the people, and the deadline, and it all goes wrong? I do, and this morning my frustration runneth over I am afraid! Women have the ability to juggle. We see the whole picture first and then figure out the most efficient way to complete the task. All those time management courses I have ever been on, cannot compete with the female logic that enables us to think clearly when multi-tasking. Many men do not have this I am sad to say.....well here at any rate! Women are so adapt at getting children ready for school or their clubs or other activities whilst thinking about what to eat for dinner, where the cats food is, what clothes need to be ironed for the morning, how lovely that song is on the radio, answering the phone, planning the weekend, that it would seem sensible for men to just follow on with what their role is in this great scheme without questioning it too much. Or daring to think something different and altering the whole thing whilst you are out so that nothing goes to plan the whole day long!!!!!
Need I say more?...........................
I apologise to the exceptions of this observation, and I am sure there are many who defy their sex and can do this brilliantly. But there are many others that are the way I have described, and to them I say, take the easy way out. Follow the plan; it makes it so much easier for you!!!
Of course all this is said with tongue in cheek and with a funny slant to it, and I am now back on track and getting through my tasks efficiently enough for me to be happy.
Time to pick up my son!!!
Sue xx

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