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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy bunny me!!

It is not often that a plan comes together so well for me when it involves technology, but I have been glued to my computer and photoshop for much of today, making my Christmas presents. I am being both thrifty and creative and that makes me happy. I am re-cycling and taking advantage of great photo paper for 0,59cents per 10 sheets at Action, and only the fact that my ink has now run out is stopping me from carrying on! Now I know why I store so many photos in my apple!!! They are all coming in extremely handy for this project..........highly personalised and unique, and totally made by me. I do think that it is 'the thought that counts' when it comes to giving presents. Trying to match person to gift is what matters, and I enjoy the process from start to finish, which is what gives me my pleasure at the end of the day. Knowing my friends well enough to choose something they will think is great and not what it cost. So these little gifts I am making are really all about saying that I am thankful for my friends and value their friendships highly even though we don't see one another that often sadly.
I have lost 3.1kilos!!!
I received my business cards in the post this morning!! They are to enable me to find people willing to be coached or counselled whilst I am training, so handy things to carry around in my purse. I was already sure of the name I was going to use so that was no problem deciding, and the range of designs for free is good enough to keep the costs down to a minimum whilst still handing out something professional I think. So, who wants to be first?!!!
Sue xx

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