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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Chilly here

This morning it started to SNOW. Little pieces of white stuff fluttering down out of a grey sky, settling in places and making it feel really wintry! But we don't want it do we?? Becci says on her facebook page that she has got Snow, Snow, Snow!! I have to follow the weather on the BBC this week as it might wreck my plans to travel to the north this coming Thursday..............can't bear to think about it!!! I am so looking forward to seeing everybody again, and yet having lived there myself, I do know how bad it can get, so I have to stay positive but realistic about the coming few days weather.

What have I done today - ordered my afzuigcap - ventilator for the oven - finally! It's been hard saving up so much money for it but it is done now, and I only hope it fits and does its job well. At least there is still time to get it fitted before Christmas, which would make me amazingly happy, so fingers crossed for that.
I spent the rest of the morning toe-ing and fro-ing getting the shopping in for Tim whilst I am away, getting a snow shovel and the protectors for the car windscreen and rear window, and generally organising us for my little 'escape to the country'! How is it that no matter what I see our son wear in one week, it bears absolutely no correlation to the amount he has for the wash? I must fold and replace at least half of it without the need to wash it, and he never notices at all.
He has a dilemma to solve this morning at work. I am delighted to say that he is doing so well at the bakery they have asked him to work for the week running up to Christmas, with pay, however, he had also wanted to work at his Saturday job too, so now he wants to switch if it can be arranged. I have left him to work that one out with his supervisors, but I do feel if he can work in the bakery that is more useful to his training and career than his weekend work.......
I am curious to hear what has been agreed.
I went to a Christmas Fayre last night with my friend Gebke, at a day centre which is run by our organisation. There were some super gifts which the clients had made in the workshops, for example, I bought some gorgeous black and white candles from the candle-making department, some cards and a glass necklace, for next to nothing in comparison with shop bought goods. I know my friends will de delighted with them too, as they are destined for England. If I still had my camera I would show you, but unfortunately, I am too honest, and I cannot get something back on my insurance because it was caused by my own fault and it was my own camera................I am heart-broken because I simply cannot replace it right now, and I do so love my camera!! Ce la vie............time for a letter to Santa maybe????
Well, having run around all morning I am now going to indulge in some creativity myself, bye.
Sue xx


john said...

your afzuigcap is a hob extactor or cooker hood in english my dear.x

Suzanne said...

thanks! the right word escapes me every time!!! Losing my English? yikes!!!!