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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Good going, girl!!

I am delighted to report a 4.6 kilo weight loss since I started my diet plan!!!! I am just 2.9k off where I decided I wanted to be before visiting my friends so maybe it is possible to achieve now............Keep strong, girl!!! Jackie and I had agreed that we would lost half a stone before we saw each other so I have managed that now, so that is great. Just need to keep going, right? A long, long way...............but it sounds less when I say it out loud now anyway!!!

Just trying to decide what to do this morning: something creative or something practical, hmm, not really much of a decision is it?!! I need to start designing our christmas cards and stop procrastinating about it and surfing the blogs for ideas and inspiration 'cos really, I do know what I want to do this year!!! ha! Yes, the girl is on fire!!! Simple and effective is what I am going for this year. I've done twee ( cute) and I've done complicated, so now; nice 'n easy for me!! I have decided on my stamps, I have decided on colours, I have got the tools and the ink and the embossing powder............what's holding me back I wonder? Nothing!!!;-)
This is the last week I will have the time to prepare those I want to take with me to England so the tension is just about right for me to knuckle down and create. So Suzanne, stop thinking, and start inking!!
Sue xx

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