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Thursday, 25 November 2010


As usual Tim Holtz has outdone himself this year with this fabulous video introducing his 12 tags of Christmas. Cannot wait to see each and every one!! I have got mine somewhere in the attic, so want to add some more to my collection this year, but looking at the kit he uses, I will have to improvise a lot!! I was starting to worry that he wasn't going to come up with the goodies this year, but I am impressed with what I have seen so far.
Still lacking in the christmas card ideas though I am trying to find my mojo fast now, and create just a few to send out. I am not planning on making them all for the first time in several years, which is sad but a fact of life right now. I did go to the scrap store this morning..........and wow, aren't there a lot of new and innovative items available since I was last there!!!! I had a wander around the store, chatted with the ladies there, drank coffee, restricted myself to the essentials on my list, and was strong enough not to go overboard, and came home again. Must be a first for me!!! Now I just have to make up my mind and start.

I broke my camera this week which is heart-breaking for me as I love taking pictures. I am hopeful that it is insured so have been looking around to see what is out there if I am able to replace it. Fingers crossed they are going to pay out first....................I love my Lumix, but the Canon is tempting too; any advice for me out there? It will come down to simplicity, price, screen, functions and size!!!!Has to fit into my handbag. Tim is lending me his for my trip next week so hope that is easy to use - and he has got a good battery in it still. Add another thing to my Saturday 'to do' list. Time is running out fast and I need  Saturday for last minute present buying, housework, food shopping and all the other practicalities one has to see to when going away and leaving cats and son behind. But it is only 4 days, a return ticket, and 45 minutes away by air, so hardly worth worrying about really. I imagine I will always want a foot in both camps as they say, so which ever one I am in at the time, the pull from the other one will be just as strong. Two hearts, remember?
Sue xx

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