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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Horrid Hormones

Don't you just hate them?! The slightest change in my hormonal balance reeks havoc with my body, emotions, abilities, concentration, clumsiness, tolerance, brain - everything just goes to pot!!!

This morning I wanted to be chatty and bright but I felt more like a big fat cushion, stuffed full of nothing!
This morning I wanted to carry on printing my photos out but the printer went on holiday for no reason!
This morning I wanted to write some study notes up but my head has emptied over night and I can't think!
This morning my weight had gone up slightly because I am bloated and uncomfortable and it sucks!
This morning I wanted to cycle to the shops but we have hurricane harry in full blow here.................and so it is continuing today, maybe I ought to just go to sleep and hibernate until next week when I will feel better!!!? The alternative remains Alaska!!!!
Sue xx

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