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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My morning......

...is going nicely, thanks! Still raining outside but it is warm as toast here indoors. Me and the cats are treating ourselves to extra heat cos it is so miserable looking out of the window.
I have been out buying CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! Yes, the ones I need to take with me to England in a few weeks need to be sourced and bought, wrapped and scrapped ( well, the labels that is)  and I am enjoying myself. I finally found the one perfect tree decoration I always give my daughter each year, but I had to hunt for it! Finally the shop assistants came to my rescue and I was able to buy the second to last one which was on display, the rest all sold out. Lucky me!! I remembered things my friend Jackie had admired whilst she was here so got her something I know she liked, and so I am doing well. I have also just sent Becci my wishlist on Amazon............books, I need more books!!! I was surprised at how lengthy it is now, but then again, I add to it regularly as I spot something new. 'It is my one weakness" ( quote Larkrise postmistress!) Must tell her what she can get for Tim before I forget.........
I have also repotted my poor plants that were desperate for larger pots. Their roots were jammed in tight into their current pots and so they were starting to look a little sickly I thought. But no more; they are rehabilitated and have nice large pots to spread out into and be more beautiful than ever before!!!! :-)
I have also organised my son's birthday surprise for next year when he turns 18. I am a planner, can't help it! I like to know I am well in advance of something I know is happening and needs my attention. Ok, it is not until April, but that is not far away once we get past Christmas and all the other things start to get in the way etc. And I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was possible on the day itself. Can't say what it is here but he will be delighted I am sure. All things said and done I have been a good mummy today and now it is time for me!!
Sue xx

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