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Friday, 5 November 2010

Three o'clock dip

By three o'clock I was absolutely shattered this afternoon due to getting up at 3.30am this morning with Tim who had to start at the bakery at 4.30am!!! And this is going to be the same from now on!! He went to bed nice and early last night whilst I was at choir, and upon my return there was a little note on my pillow asking me to help wake him up this morning; how could I say no? I did try to go back to sleep for a couple of hours but that wasn't a success really. The upshot of all this was that by three this afternoon I needed to come home from work before I fell asleep at the wheel!! Luckily for me, my colleague took over the last hour, and I came home and went to sleep on the settee for two wonderful hours. Tim was home at 1.15pm but he claims he didn't fall asleep because of his early night..............me, I'm exhausted, so off to bed now, as I have to be very alert tomorrow for my first study day. Lots to do in the morning to prepare for it, and then we will see how it goes. I have baked a delicious smelling date and honey loaf for tomorrow even though I can't eat it myself; diet going well still so have to stay strong!!! It takes an herculean effort on my part to lose weight as it is a terrible struggle to shift even an ounce, so by remaining firm and sticking to it now, I hope to have lost enough that my friends and daughter will actually notice it. Up to now, no-one has, which is a shame, but then again, it is only a little change in my shape, and unless you got up real close and personal you wouldn't feel the difference!!!!! Right?!........

Aagh, every time I put the radio or television on, I see the adverts for Take That, so I am going to have to switch them off. Tim offered to give me the ticket for Christmas but when we looked at the prices, it was simply too outrageous and beyond our means...........but I do cherish the fact that he wanted to do it for me.
It shows his maturity and sensitivity which is something I am happy to see developing. I said I would settle for their new CD instead!!!! He knew how much I had wanted to see Cirque de Soleil and that I was disappointed at not being able to, once again, but hey, life is not always about getting what one wants, is it?
Sue xx

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