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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A new look

The first time I looked in the mirror when the hairdresser had finished cutting, it was still a shock! Almost entirely grey now that the last ends with colour have been cut off. I keep looking at myself, trying to decide what I feel!!! It is quite dark instead of fair, which is strange for me, but then again, there are whispers of brown still as highlights here and there, and it is all my own, finally, after years of enslavement to colouring my hair!! So, what with the diet 'n all.......who will recognise me when I go away?! Will you?!
I took myself off for some retail therapy this morning - window shopping really, but I don't go very often so it felt like a treat. I spied a couple of present ideas but that was about it. The one shop I wanted to visit was closed so that was a nuisance since I will have to go again now! :-) But still, I am getting on with it slowly, so today is my day for doing other things.
Sue xx

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