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Monday, 15 November 2010

Hectic times ahead

Things are getting busier as we approach the end of the year. Can you believe that it is almost December?! ( yup, I skip right over November in my haste to get to the 1st!).
The coming weeks are especially hectic as I am working most days, and have so many other things to squeeze in around them as well. I am starting to really learn the value of lazy Sundays!! Not that I am complaining, just stating a fact, and sometimes it is my own fault when I agree to do another day at work next week.....but it is down to economics I guess; there are no days in December, or January or even February that I am able to work so what I earn now has to stretch and stretch and s..t..r..e..t..c..h!!!!!
I have to base my plans on what I know today and not what I hope might happen tomorrow regarding work, so thats the situation. But! I do get those lovely 4 days away...............and boy, am I going to treasure them!!
Finally, a day without rain. Wonderful. I even did the windows at the back!!! Not my favourite job at all, but it seemed too good a day to ignore them. I am still thinking about the ones upstairs as I don't fancy hanging out of them at all!! And I suspect that little miss Finka would be there like a shot if she saw an open window..........currently she and Genghis are hidden under the quilt nice and snug and warm.
I have done my Monday study so that feels good. Every weekend is taken up with the course right now, so I am looking forward to the second practical day this coming Saturday. It will be interesting to hear how everyone else is getting on. I am curious, that is true.
Well, not much else happening in my world right now; what about yours?
Sue xx

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