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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wet start to the day

It was so cold last night when I got into bed - the first real sign that the days are getting colder. This morning it was equally hard getting out!!! especially when I see how hard it is raining.
I am going to the hairdressers, and am debating whether to do really short so that the last remnants of colour get cut out, or not...its a hard one to decide. I think I will leave it up to my hairdresser to 'make the cut' (ha, ha) and  see what she thinks best. I think it might look rather silly to just leave 1cm of coloured ends on the rest!!! Hm, I will know soon as the appointment is early.

Despite the rain I think I may go on a little trip today! I have got some wishes up my sleeve for 'good diet behaviour' and I want to call them in now!! Just my way of saying that I am proud of my efforts so far, and don't want to weaken or give in. I will take care on the motorway, promise, ok?
Sue xx

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