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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Time on my hands

This morning I have sufficient time on my hands to relax and sort out what I want for the coming week. I am still, however, totally frustrated by not being able to find a few things in the boxes in the attic and this is driving me nuts!!! I am missing one picture, one coffee grinder and my cutting mats. So, I braved the cold up there and went a-searching this morning, and came back down with the handbag I need for England, some beautiful scraps I've made previously for Christmas, some templates, and absolutely no sign of what I went up to find!! It is so annoying as they have to be there and I simply cannot lay my hands on them.
It's 11am here, and the overnight frost is still lying heavily on the shed roofs and cars, including mine. I hope it is defrosted before I go out in a couple of hours time.....there is no snow so that is good news, but it is now much colder than before, so who knows?
Tim is allowed to work in the bakery - yeh! He is pleased about it. I thought it would not present a problem but with it being the run-up to Christmas it might have been an issue.
And now I hear that my appointment this afternoon is cancelled so that is disappointing but understandable so that's life. Hey ho...............
Sue xx

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