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Thursday, 11 November 2010

First autumn storm

Its blowin' a gale outside right now and my poor car was being thrown from one side of the road to the other when I went to collect Tim from the bakery! Poor Phoebe doesn't like wind! It is cold, and windy, and wet and 'orrible. At least we are the lucky ones now that we are home, and all nice and warm indoors.I am sparing a thought for those who are out in it still!!
I couldn't fix my mobile so in the end I went to the shop in town this morning and got it blocked on my phone since I never ever use it anyway. It seemed the safest way for me! They have no charged me anything so I was pleased about that too. Phew!
And on a more positive note: 6.8kilos are gone!!! I am almost at a stone's loss so that is fabulous! My motivation is still good and I have not broken it one single time so far............so that is good news. I see the change now so that is hopefully going to help keep me motivated. I have taken a new photo so that I can keep on seeing the difference myself cos that helps me a lot.
Finka is jowling loudly at the moment, no idea why but she is not amused. She is not happy that Genghis is staying on the settee all day instead of being by her side upstairs, at least that is what I think the problem must be. She is running around the landing grizzling! Poor old Genghis does not want to appease her I fear.........trouble in cat heaven!!
I am starting to feel a little sleepy now as it was our 3.30am wake up call this morning - groan! Tomorrow is the same, but I think a little afternoon nap is called for, so bye bye.
Sue xx

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