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Monday, 8 November 2010

Its all academic to me!!!

Today I have patiently sat and written up my professional development essay as far as I can go! It is going to be a very, very long one by the end of ten months!!! It was quiet at home, and I had told myself that this was going to be my day for studying, so I am happy to give myself a pat on the back and say I did it!!
Now I only have to read lots more before this coming weekend, and the following study day in Amsterdam in a fortnight!! Why oh why do textbooks have such small writing and such big words????.........

I have started my advent calendar today....no, not opening it or putting it out on display, silly, but rather making a simple, clear one for myself to follow as I prepare for Christmas. ( there's that word again...better get used to it, eh?!) Alie Edwards has a brilliant idea on her blog for these little cards, which she has aimed at her son when writing the text on them, but I liked the idea and style so have adopted them for myself this year.  I plan to make a small box for them to sit in, so that they can be on the coffee table or in the kitchen and serve as my reminder of what I need to do each day. I love Christmas, and say that shamelessly, and cannot wait for December 1st to come around!! And presently I am going to stamp my wrapping paper and wrap the ones I want to take to England. Once this week is over I will have little time for frivolous things so I have determined to do them this week. ( yes, I can be determined when I want to be!!!)

It has suddenly turned colder, the temperature this morning only 2C when I woke up! That is a huge change from last week when the temperatures were above normal for this time of year. I saw on the BBC last night that gales and very heavy rain is forecast for Britain, and even snow in the highlands, so winter is a-coming!! The cats are snuggled up under their blanket as per usual so I guess they are feeling the change too.
Well, time for something else, my wrists are aching from typing so long today, and my bottom is a totally different shape altogether!!
Sue xx

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