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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Still following....

...Suze Wienberg's trip to Israel on her blog as she is going to all the places I went to way back then. This morning she had some photos from Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum, which I, too, visited whilst I was in Israel.
It was an extraordinary experience for me, and dare I say, life changing, because it does have an intense impact upon your own morals, integrity, consciousness, emotions, and way of choosing to live your own life. I have never been able to see anything related to the Holocaust since being there. It was enough for a lifetime, and incredibly moving. I have seen the War Museum in Warsaw as well, and been to Krakow city and walked through the Jewish Ghetto there, but nothing compares to the images and the documentation and the emotion you get at Yad Vashem. The story is being told by the very people it happened to, and that is something special and unforgettable. I am a better person from having been there.

Its raining as I look out of the window this morning. Dull, misty, grey, all the weather that signals autumn is in full swing! This morning I had the idea of collating all my photos that are of nature..........some task that is going to be but nevertheless I have a plan!!! ( cue lightbulb!!! ) Not going to say what it is, but there is a tiny spark of inspiration flickering in the dark recesses of my non-computerlike brain, which is slowly germinating into something wonderful!! All I can say right now! But first it is ironing for me, got to be done and now is the time!
Sue xx

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