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Saturday, 6 November 2010


This is a photo of Masada in Israel. That white zigzag path is the way up to the top of this mountain; I climbed it!!!
It is a very special place for the Israelis because of what it stands for in their history, and the fact that the whole community there was sacrificed. 960 people committed suicide here in preference to being overthrown by the Romans who were encamped at the base of the mountain and preparing their attack. It is a single, isolated rock, and Israeli soldiers take their oath here, spending the whole night on the mountain the night before they graduate into the army " Masada shall not fall again. " It is the second most popular tourist stop after Jerusalem, which is pretty amazing, and is close to the Dead Sea. We did the whole thing of swimming in the Dead Sea, or I ought to say, floating, then Masada, and then walked the most wonderful green valley with an incredible waterfall where we stood under to cool off!!! It was a day of unique experiences for me, and I will never forget it. In fact the complete holiday in which I stayed with an Israeli family was pretty special for me. (Did put me off BBQ's for life however)!!!!

But as you can see, I am up way too early which means my body clock has gone completely astray and I will be 'cream crackered' by this evening! I need the early start though, so it is not a bad thing entirely, because it is our first study day and I want to get everything right. Which means being alert, attentive, observant, reliable, honest, diligent and kind. So into the shower for my boost of all these qualities as I wake up and get cracking!!!!
Sue xx

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