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Saturday, 6 November 2010

A good and positive day

I can share that today went very well and we made a positive start to our study sessions. The whole reality of becoming a counsellor/coach is beginning to sink in, and I have been startled by the reactions I have received so far about what skills and qualities I apparently do possess that might make me good at it eventually. It is a good boost to my confidence anyway! I need to sit down and think through what we did and felt and record it all in the morning before I forget the important points and lose the moment.

Strictly: it was an excellent show this evening and the dancing standard is quite phenomenal this year. What an amazing start to the show with that fantastic routine from Artem and his partner!! I think they might be the dark horses this year...............
the judges were well on form too; what can we say, Craig? OMG?!!!!
I have no idea who will go this weekend, but it could be a shock as there were good couples in the danger zone of middle votes and Ann and Anton were once again very popular with the audience. I have to say that I am ready for them to go now, because I think the other dancers are well ahead in their development and improvement and none of them deserve to go out this week based on their performances this evening.
Not even Gavin, who seems to have  discovered his mojo now that he is back playing rugby again and has finally come out of his shell and danced a good routine - with personality!!!!!

And tomorrow we sing. It promises to be a dry day...............but colder than we are used to. We are singing in shops however, and not outdoors so no worries there. I just hope we sound half decent and that everyone turns up as we are only a small choir with 17 members and we need each and every one to be present. My concern is where on earth the shop called Mith is in Enkhuizen as that is where we start off!!!!

Right now my head is still full of what I learnt and now have to record from today, so better go to sleep and  let it all sink into its rightful order while I slumber.
Sue xx

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