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Monday, 1 November 2010

Wish I had cats eyes

especially when driving at night! Even more so when it is foggy like this evening when I came home from my friend's. It was fine up until I got close to home and then it was like pea soup out there. Luckily it was quiet on the roads so no problem.
Just been talking to my daughter on the phone which was lovely. Not the part about someone hitting her car whilst she was in it..........she says she is fine, but the other person refused to get out of the car, and then just drove off, which is against the law, but Becci couldn't do anything about it as she was rather in shock at the time. She thinks it is ok, but needs to take a better look in the morning. Apart from that she was very happy.

My arm is quite swollen now and very tender, so I think it will be sleeping on the other side tonight for me!  It is starting to feel rather stiff and sore but that is the swelling  I guess. All be over soon!
My Clematis is now planted in the back garden and in the spring I will add a trellis so that it can grow over it and up onto the shed, hiding the bins in the process, at least that is the theory! I am sure it will be fine where I have planted it nice and deeply. I was hoping to buy my hedging plants today but when I went to take a look around the garden centre there was no-one about to assist me and I couldn't find the plants I wanted either, so gave up and went on to my friends house.  I will look closer to home tomorrow morning.
That was the day that was folks!!! Nothing special, the usual stuff that day to day living is all about, eh?
Sue xx

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