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Sunday, 1 January 2012



Every year I choose one little word to guide me through the coming 12 months. A word that offers me what I need the most, one I can repeat and hear in my head when I need it. One that stands for what I feel I am going to want to remember when things or situations are testing me. A couple of days ago I started thinking what it might be this year, and the process of finding it has been interesting. In the middle of the day yesterday I started really focussing on a few different words that seemed to be following the same theme, and finally this one drifted up from my sub-conscious and placed itself firmly in my mind as being THE ONE:



Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

Persevere with the relationship that matters the most to me.
Persevere with my course and training to become a counsellor/coach.
Persevere with my search for a regular job that gives me a more
secure income.
Persevere with my writing.
Persevere with everything that needs to be done in our home and garden.
Persevere with my dreams and hopes for the future.
Persevere even in my darkest moments and when nothing seems to be going right.
Persevere with the things that make me happy and do more of them!
Persevere with myself; acknowledge my imperfections and try to accept them.
Persevere with being patient.
Persevere with learning to live in the moment and not the distant future which at the best is totally unknown anyway!

PERSEVERE...................I'm going to give it my best shot!!!!!!

What will your word for 2012 be I wonder?...............
Sue xx

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