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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Final day of the year

Had a slow start in this household! I was awake when Tim went to work at 1.30am this morning, having gone to bed quite late (for me) after our friends had gone home. Then I decided that since this is the longest day of the year I was going to lay in bed until after 9am and take it very easy all day.

The good news is that Genghis is once more sitting on his cushion underneath the computer desktop as I type this post, so things are looking up for him! He is taking his medicine, eating a little more and seems to be regaining weight so we are over the moon right now. It's so hard when a family member/pet is getting on in years, especially when you have been through so much with them, and spent a lifetime as one another's companions, to accept that a time is approaching when they have to leave you, but Genghis is made of hardy stuff so we remain optimistic. That awful feeling I had went, just as suddenly as it came, and I am sticking with that intuitive, gut feeling to tell me how he is really doing. Finka is relieved too!!

There are fireworks going off already here. I have got the sedative for Finka this evening, and so far she is doing fine. Genghis doesn't seem to be affected any more, but she jumps at the slightest thing so needs to stay calm. Her current 'no no' is playing my ipod downstairs. First sign that music is going to be played and she runs off upstairs! She disappeared whilst our friends were here last night, but no sooner had I shut the front door than her paws were racing back down stairs again and into the living room to sleep! Such a dear, funny thing she is!

I am thinking about Resolutions and what my one word for 2012 will be. Not got there yet! Still one day to go............

Be safe this evening with all those fireworks everyone, and I wish you a VERY HAPPY 2012.
Thanks to all for reading my musings for yet another year!!
Sue xx

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