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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Laugh 'n Craft

This evening Ann and I are getting together for our first 'laugh 'n craft' evening. Gebke cannot join us unfortunately this time, but we decided that putting it off for another month would be the start of the slippery slope and we would always find one excuse or another not to meet. Ann is a cross-stitcher and makes lovely cards and samplers etc. I will probably do some stamping this evening as I may not have time to get to the craft shop as I had planned since I am probably going to work shortly!! I need to stay home for a while to get a parcel for Tim that needs to be signed for . . . .so hoping that delivery will be asap and I can leave the house in good time. Work is a 45 minute drive away too so it is great that they are willing to give me this leeway of time to arrive. Plus the car will be less frosty too!! I was hoping to finish the painting so have had to get changed from paint gear into something more presentable and warm. Best laid plans 'n all that, but I can never afford to say 'no'.
Sue xx

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