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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Encouraging words

Thanks Jodie for allowing me to view your inspirational diet success photos!!! Wow, you look amazing!
At the moment I am in no man's land regarding the diet as I am trying to use up all the food we have in the house before Tim goes away, but then - tan tan ta ra!! I am going on a three week STRICTLY COME DIETING spree, and have no excuses not to succeed when there is only me to feed. Right?!!
I think it will be ok, and I am planning my shopping and sticking to the game plan and doing more exercise ie wallpaper stripping, and hoping for a good result. I may take photos . . . .you are living proof that it works so way to go, girl!!!
Sue xx

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Thrifty Household said...

Good Luck...I'm not too good on the will-power front so opt for using a small plate instead of a dinner plate. Somehow a full but small plate looks ok...

Thank you for the naming the mystery squash- It's a great name!