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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Getting down to it:-

The new year and everything I'm thinking about doing this year that is!!!

A brand new year to live life fully, that is the promise that January 1st brings with it whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This is Leap Year of course so an additional day to do something! And it is the day after my birthday, and no, I was not born in a Leap Year, and yes, all men are aware of the proposal clause it brings with it: we women are most likely to propose to our man on this day than at any other time in the year. You have been warned chaps!!

This morning I finally got round to sorting out parts of the garden before it started to rain. I was glad I did as I saw the tulips were starting to show, and the plants that have died down over the autumn are not dead and just beginning to sprout new leaves and shoots. I do so hope we are over the frost and snow for this winter! It would be such a shame if these tender new plants were to be the target of the cold now that they are on their way towards being magnificent once again. I went outside in my slippers which is not a good thing, and it reminded me that I really do need to buy some gardening boots or clogs. Every year it crosses my mind that I ought to invest in a pair, then other things get in the way and I never buy a pair. Since Tim was the slipper present giver perhaps he might go as far as garden clogs?????
Seeing all that freshly turned soil made me think about plants for 2012. Not that I have space for many but those gaps in the border are just begging to be filled! I plant like there is no tomorrow when it comes to hiding the earth between plants. I like to see them tumbling over the top of one another really - that makes me happiest. My first pleasure this spring will be the purple flowering Aubretia I planted last year.

It has always been a particular favourite of mine. I prefer blues and purples and reds and pinks in the garden and I am delighted that these are looking good so far. They have not died; they have grown and I am hoping for a beautiful show along the front path and in my back border.......please!
I have still got a tree in mind for the back - on the wish list since we moved here. It will have to be fairly small to fit in the car but that's alright. Just got to decide which one is the best for the space I have in mind. I am tempted to plant a climber up the shed too - a self-clinger would be ideal, and I'd like to extend the Clematii along the fence too.........if there is one thing to brighten a rainy day it is the thought of spring in the garden!!!
Sue xx

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