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Monday, 30 January 2012

And he's gone!

I took Tim to Schiphol yesterday morning and this is where we said Goodbye to one another. He had a good flight and announced that he was there and alive via a text in the evening! His facebook posts are more enlightening!!! The house is awfully still without him and I think it will take me a while to adjust to being here alone for so long. But probably not long enough for me to think, " hey, this is rather nice!!"
He is going to school this morning so a nice and easy start, and that's all I know...so far.

This morning we awoke to SNOW. You know, that white stuff that is associated with wintertime. It's only a smattering but it is still white and cold, very cold here.
Looking out from the front window.

Looking out of the kitchen window.
It's the first snow we have seen this winter and it is forecast to move off to the south of the country this afternoon, but it looks very much like a snowy sky right now!! Good job I have no plans to go anywhere today. It's more a day to get the housework done before I prepare for the wallpaper stripping which I am starting tomorrow. The wall I want to start on is cleared and all I need to do is work out how to use the steamer and lay down some protection to cover the floor etc.
Hogging the radiator as usual!
This is their seat of preference without any doubt as I take numerous photos of them sitting together in this pose. At the moment I think...hope...pray..that Genghis is feeling a tad better. He is eating some new
dried food that is much smaller and is for cats with sensitive digestions. He eats it ok and is still drinking enough water etc so I am hoping this is a good sign. Please. Finka by comparison is gaining weight!!! She is not the ultra skinny girlie she was last year!!

Right, I cannot delay the chores any longer - well I can, but they won't go away will they?

(.....and if you are reading this Joanna, please ring me and let me know how mum is)? Thanks!
Sue xx

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