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Sunday, 22 January 2012

bedroom in the planning

Medium Duck Egg Blue emulsion

Laura Ashley bedlinen, Elmwood Embroidered Tree pattern.
Having now painted the stairs and landing this weekend I am bubbling with more enthusiasm for decorating!!! And this is where my eye has landed - good old LA!!! Just wouldn't be my home without some Laura somewhere in the house. And I love this duvet cover more than any other I have seen. So it is on the list. A friend has promised me her steam stripper so that I can get the horrid paper off in the bedroom, and then discover the state of the walls underneath and whether I can continue with the same basic wall paper that requires painting to make it look nice. Its the cheaper and cheerful solution as I cannot consider getting them re-plastered. But ok, I can make my own roman blind later on, and I have already got some lace panels for in front of the blind.....and I have seen a light I like.....I know I sound as though it can all happen tomorrow but that is me, the planner, talking. The realist knows that it won't be until the end of the year in all honesty before I can action all this, but it makes me happy thinking about it. So there!!! I enjoy having a project in my head, I enjoy making lists, I enjoy looking on Pinterest for inspiration, I just get a kick out of it!
And when you look out of the window and its grey and wet and cold and miserable, a little day dreaming doesn't go amiss.
Sue xx

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