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Monday, 16 January 2012

The diet debate

is, in my humble opinion, eternal. It is the debate of todays show with Jeremy because there seems to be a new party going to hand in a petition at No.10 today. An anti-dieting party who claim that diets do not teach you to listen to your body to know when you are hungry and need to eat, as opposed to changing what you eat to follow a diet plan. Hmm, they also claim that we lose weight only to regain it again and yo yo the rest of our lives as a result of dieting in the the first place.
I imagine these are skinny people............it would be so amazing to be a good weight and able to maintain it no matter what one eats or does. But who really has a body that works like that? Sadly I do know some people who are able to eat the most huge meals, drink wine, beer etc and never gain an ounce. I am not one of them! In my lifetime I have tried virtually every diet there is, and yet remain dissatisfied with my size. There are foods I really love to eat, and I suppose if I could eat a meal plan that included them all, and they agreed with my personal metabolism, I would be happy. The closest diet to my ideal is the Mediterranean one that has long been the favourite of the WHO. I can happily go without the potatoes and the pasta and the rice and the bread, I've accepted that they are hard for my body to digest, simple as that. But I love cheese and I enjoy wine with it, and the occasional chocolate and certainly cake...and giving it up for ever is not something I relish. At the end of the day, it is a choice and a healthy attitude to food is the most important thing in the final analysis isn't it? Interesting hearing what all the current trendy diets are: lighter life is the one I would do if it was available here, I admit it. I've got friends who have done it and some regain the weight and others keep it off. But it is guaranteed to slim you down rapidly and which dieter doesn't want immediate results?! Dukan is a good one too, as is Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, South Beach, Montignac.......

We all just want to wake up tomorrow and be slim. Please. No effort, just let it all evaporate during the night, thanks.
Sue xx


Double Dutch said...

Hallo Suzanne tis me again the English woman from West Graftdijk..... I have been on a diet last year after a friend lost 10 STONES with lighter life. I wanted to follow it too but like you say its not available here in Holland. The Cambridge plan IS however and I followed it from Aug 2010 until Dec 2010 and lost just 28 kilos (4.5 stone). I then received visitors last Easter and put almost a stone back on after eating all their chocolate gifts. I have done a second attack and am now back to where I was at the end of my first attempt.

Its not cheap but thought I'd just let you know that if lighter life appeals to you then The Cambridge is a very similar plan and I am living proof that it works.
Here is a link to see the before n after pics if you're interested.


Here too is the link for the diet site.
The cambridge is http://www.cambridgeweightplan.nl/

groetjes Jodie
ps hope Ghengis is ok.

Suzanne said...

Hi Jodie, wow, just looked at your photos!! You look amazing! I have a friend who is on the Cambridge right now but he is finding it very slow going and struggles with it. It isn't an option for me as it is too expensive for my meagre budget, but whilst Tim is away I am planning a good three week burst as I will only have myself to feed!! I will do the Dukan as it is easy, cheap and I know what I have to eat. I just get so disheartened after I have lost 10kilos as it always stops there and I end up right where I started after about a year . . but you can be my inspiration!!! Genghis is ok right now - still too thin, but he is eating a bit better and seems ok in himself, thanks for asking. xx