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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Calm & not so calm

people are living here right now! Sonny boy, the teenager, appears totally stress-free about the coming three weeks and aged and grey mum is worrying about the details!! Son doesn't want to prepare until Saturday; mum would love to do a little every day and be ready by Saturday! Is it wisdom or folly I wonder, that will win the day?

I've been out this morning gathering sheets and deo and shampoo and washing powder (being given some tabs thank goodness!) and other necessary items for the trip. I am making a tidy pile on the spare bed with things I believe he will be hunting for come Saturday afternoon . . . .and I realise this is to alleviate my blood pressure and keep me happy and sane for the next few days but ok, I need to have that. I suppose his attitude is that it will all turn out ok at the final hour, and mine is no it won't if you haven't got a checklist!! What is the old adage "failure to prepare is to prepare to fail"???? Getting older has some advantages - we have experienced the uncomfortable situations already and know what it feels like, and the boy has not. But being a parent means we never want our children to experience it really, so we do all we can to sort things out for them, even if it is on the QT!!

Right now I have other more pressing concerns to be perfectly frank, and I need to give them my full attention today. Off I go!!!
Sue xx

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