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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Love Songs

You just can't beat a whiff of Sunday Love Songs with Steve Wright when you are enjoying a quiet Sunday morning!! Never had a request myself, nor had one read out (yet) but it has been a programme enjoyed by so many for so many years - can't even think how many it probably is? - that to have one played for me one day, would be fantastic. The ultimate request show in my opinion..aaaah. Especially on Valentines Day!!!!

Tim and I have ventured further afield to do our shopping this morning, for a treat. There is a much larger supermarket than our regular ones if you just drive a tad further out, and we decided to go there this morning. Last decent shop before he goes off in two weeks time. We are going to have a good dinner this evening - I feel in the mood to cook!
First though, having now had my breakfast and a coffee, I need to get geared up for the painting session of the day. Taking your advice and no acrobatics today, I have a semi-willing helper I suspect. So, no further procrastination, Suze - c'mon girl!!!!
Sue xx

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