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Friday, 13 January 2012

day dreaming

whilst the boy is away for 3 weeks I am psyching myself up for a wallpaper stripping fest!!! Having the house to myself (the cats don't mind!) means I can get on with it uninterrupted and undisturbed. I figure that by making a start I am bringing myself closer to the dream of a beautiful bedroom this year. I'm sure the condition of the walls will be pretty much the same as in the rest of the house, so I will probably just be painting over them, although I am tempted to do the 'one wall' thing and paper behind the bed....maybe. We are not all fans of wallpaper here!!! I am determined about the colour however: I've always wanted a duck egg blue and  white bedroom. It's non-negotiable, sorry. Been too long in having my wish fulfilled.
I was talking to the woman in the decor store yesterday when I cashed in my long-held vouchers for paint, trying to describe the colour I call Duck Egg to no avail (pretty much the same colours as my current background). She was being very helpful, and I think I could get the colour mixed there but then I went onto the Laura Ashley site and found that they have it for a smidgen of the price here!!! And the most beautiful bedlinen................so now I am even more sure that this is my project for spring. It won't stop there though as the whole room needs refitting and a new bed and wardrobes etc....dream on Suze!!! I do think that having the vision and knowing what you are aiming for, the finished thing so to speak, is vital. Watch this space!!

Yesterday we heard from our friend Max whom you might recall was married to Anne who died a few years ago now. I am so happy to hear that he has found a new love and is loving his retirement and life is fantastic. He thoroughly deserves to be enjoying every moment, and I need to tell him so. It was great to hear from him as it has been about a year since we last had contact, but he was delighted to get our address again on the back of the christmas card we sent. Plus point for writing the address on the back of envelopes! Just goes to prove that 'everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, then it's not the end."
Sue xx

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