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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Feeling stiff

For quite a while now I have had problems with my neck and shoulders. They ache and feel stiff and tense all the time and sometimes it is incredibly painful. Especially at the base of my neck - ouch! Waking up in the morning is the worse as then I really notice how I have laid during the night and which side hurts the most. My jaw is also really painful and creaks and groans when I stretch it from time to time - which is supposed to relieve the pain but doesn't at all. And my ear continues to give me problems. Oh boy, what a list of complaints! I suppose they are to be expected as we head towards another years number change (birthday) but what I am getting round to saying, is, that I think I ought to try swimming. It's just been so long since I went to a pool and swam. Years. I do love to swim and I believe it will be the best thing for my neck and shoulders and cheaper than a physio or any other form of treatment. A free massage might be possible.....the other thing would be a better chair for the computer. It keeps going down after a few minutes of sitting on it which alters the position of my neck when I am looking at the screen. This is what's on my mind this morning as I sit here in the dark tapping out the letters. I read that if women write down what really matters the most to them every day, they succeed better at losing weight than those who don't.
Ok, so why am I not a stick insect by now?
Sue xx

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