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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going ok

in Sweden by the sounds of Tim's facebook comments!! Things seem to be getting organised and he was off to the bakery for the first time this morning. We have suspicions of it being a 'cracker factory' where they make the Swedish Krackerbrod, but hey, he's never made that before so it would also be a new experience. Still waiting to hear from him on Skype but that will happen soon. Got to get our timings right first! At least he sent me his account name............

It was -5 C this morning but surprisingly it is sunny now and no frost. I've taken the car out for a drive just to keep her from freezing up, and to get essentials etc. Now I have the grand task of clearing out the boys bedroom. 'Seize the day' would be a good adage!! Or 'whilst the cats away, the mice will CLEAN'!!!!
It looks in need..............I'm trying to get myself moving to start on it today. Bit of Popmaster first though..
Sue xx

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