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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a day without internet or telephone.....phew!!

You only realise the addiction to something when you are inexplicably forced to do without it for a while.
This morning I switched on the computer but there was no 'you've got mail' and no Chris Evans and no blogs and nothing at all!! I spent a long while talking with Ziggo who assured me it was a malfunction and would be fine in no time at all. Not true. Nothing seemed to be working so when Tim got home he asked our neighbour to take a look at the modem: and yes, he fixed it!!! Simply by sticking the point of a knife in it and re-setting the modem and voila, we were re-connected. Maybe he ought to go and work for Ziggo??
So here I sit, reading everything and anything just to get my fix. Oh dear................welcome back my lovely!!!!
Sue xx

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