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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interesting morning!

This morning I finally got around to meeting with someone from personnel to discuss the never-ending saga of applying for jobs and getting nowhere!! Ok, that was the pessimistic me speaking, but I do think it was a very positive step to take and I am very glad I did it. There! There is still hope for me.
It became apparent that one of the major obstacles in my way is my background and education. What I have in experience and qualifications is at odds with the level of jobs I apply for, so there are mixed expectations from both sides(apparently). So maybe I ought to aim higher instead of always going for the lower roles?...............the upshot of our meeting is that I have some people to contact and make appointments with and maybe that is the opening I have been missing all this time; you never know. I am feeling happy about it, excited that this is a step in the right direction, and optimistic once again.
(I definitely think my little 'pep-talk' this morning helped enormously so thank you for that)!! x
I went into town afterwards and treated myself to a healthy coffee and bagel; diet conscious so no cappuccino!! And bagels are low-fat too........and I do love a good bagel!! I think they will be on the birthday menu this year. With cream cheese...................yummy. And I fancy a Salad Nicoise this evening - I'm on a roll!!!
Sue xx

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