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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Another day dawns

with a trip to the GP's with Tim for his salmonella test. Apparently he needs proof for Sweden that he is free from the lurgy etc so much to his disgust we did that first thing today. Now I am in the middle of cooling down my dough for some Orange and Cinnamon Cookies, which we both adore! Coffee guest tomorrow so need to have something to go with it!! It has gone much darker and started to rain here as forecast, so it's a stay at home day now. I went to buy new bulbs for some lights in the house too, and of course bought the wrong fitting - change it tomorrow, eh?....after all my technical traumas yesterday I will stick within my comfort zone for the coming 2 hours please!
My new passport has arrived. Wow, I was expecting several weeks wait but I am delighted to say I have it back already. Looks posh too!!! So, free to travel again; any offers?????!!! I saw Dublin was in the sales, Ineke, very reasonable I thought too!! But you are probably already going in the spring I'm sure. And it was too short a break really. Ah well, I continue to dream.
I suppose I ought to get on with those cookies..................
Sue xx

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