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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Oh so true!!!

I saw Ineke had pinned this on her facebook page, and since the current raging debate in our house is "what is duck egg blue"? I thought this shed a whole lot of light on the matter!!!! Need I say more?...

This morning it is stormy weather once again and going out in it is far from appealing. However, I need one small pot of paint if I want to complete the landing this weekend, which I do, so that is the answer in a nutshell. I was planning on taking Tim to work in the middle of the night as the forecast was bad, and I had set my alarm and was awake, but bless him, he didn't disturb me and cycled instead. I will reward him with a cream bun today!!!! Well, maybe a nice dinner as his friend is coming over. I am also going to clean up the mirror for the bottom of the stairs as I think it will look nice there at long last, and move my picture up to the top. Oh, I do so enjoy making the house our home! We spent Thursday afternoon re-fitting and hanging the lamp over the coffee table and it looks a million times better now. I wanted a ceiling rose, just a simple one, to match the coving around the room, and because it made the fitting look so much neater/smarter. It took a while actually finding what we liked, but when we did, it was quite easy to fit it etc. We have one for the dining table area as well but no light as yet....its on the lengthy list!
And I know already that I am going to need one in the bedroom as well, as I know the light I want to buy and I know that it will suit a ceiling rose perfectly. 

Yesterday Gloria came to visit. We met at the market before Christmas in the rain, choosing our parsnips and veg for Christmas dinner, and upon hearing a fresh English voice, I talked to her, we got chatting, we exchanged address and telephone numbers, and 'Bobs your uncle and Fannys your aunt', we live really close to one another. I've been to hers for coffee and lunch and she has now been to ours, and on Sunday we are going for dinner and for Tim to watch a live Man Utd Football match on telly!!! Yey!!!
Happy boy. It's his last weekend before going to Sweden so doing something special is really nice for him.

But I ramble on. Time to sort out cats etc and brave the howling gale outside. C'mon Sooty!!!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Sue xx

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