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Monday, 9 January 2012


I started with good intentions yesterday and am pleased with my start! I have re-opened my diet diary as that really helped me last year. I find that keeping a note of how I am doing and what my mini goals are keeps me motivated. I have also decided to try a little Atkins this time. There are not enough products over here in comparison with England, but more are appearing in the supermarkets. I would do weight watchers if I could afford it, but there are no classes anywhere near me!! and the range of products in the shops is abysmal to be frank. I saw that M&S are also providing an excellent range of ready meals again, and theirs are always very good indeed. So I have  sent off for my free bar and the booklet and I will see how far this one gets me. Since we are both dieting and going about it in different ways, it will be interesting to see how we get on. Tim needs to do something too but he has not got the right mindset for it right now. Sport is the key for him as he loves to eat especially bread which is my 'allergy' and very bad for me, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he starts playing basketball again this year........no pressure, son, but it would do you GOOD!!!! I am going to do the walking thing. 20 minutes every day is recommended. I ought to be able to manage that, surely?
It was back to school for Tim this morning so we were up early and he glumly went off for the morning. Not before he had complained and moaned and groaned about it on facebook, mind!!!
What am I doing today?
Washing, by the looks of the full baskets on the landing.
A walk around the block to buy tulips at the end of the street from my penny-pot of treats!
Make more cards for the year ahead now that I have got started on them.
Read some more gardening books and make lists!
Have a nice day folks!
Sue xx

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