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Thursday, 19 January 2012


on just about everything!!
Genghis first as he has not shown any signs of getting better and I have an appointment to speak to the vet today as he 'did' something very odd yesterday!!...
My mum, who is coming out of hospital probably tomorrow.
Work, no joy with yet another application - but I expected that so not so disappointed as usual; becoming immune I guess!!
Craft evening -went really well. Ann and I both got on well with our stuff, and for a couple of hours in an evening it was really nice. Hopefully Gebke will join us next month.
Painting, still needs to be finished but I have now worked two days this week unexpectedly, so it is on hold til the weekend in all likelihood unless today goes pear-shaped...
Weather, is damp and cold and not at all inviting!!
Last weekend before Tim goes to Sweden so lots to do!!!
Choir, going to start learning some new songs tonight including The Boxer, which is ok but not particularly my taste. I have other suggestions to bring in!! Taking my ipod along this evening so that everyone can hear the music to The Boxer and others, and hopefully find it easier to learn. And to get the  words right, and the pronunciation etc.
Right, time for a shower.....brr!!
Sue xx

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