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Monday, 16 January 2012

in the minuses

as it is -2C this morning as I found out when taking the bin round to the road for collection! Brr!!!
This is the first time Sooty has been coated in frost too, poor lass.

Did you see Sherlock last night? Extremely good I thought. It proved that suggestibility is incredibly powerful for changing perceptions and how difficult it really is to hang on to ones own beliefs in the face of such intense opposing thought. Well worth watching should it come to Dutch telly in the future which I am sure it eventually will do as there is a plethora of detective series on their channels.

I made some fantastic baked onions with our chicken dinner last night. It was a case of me forgetting I needed to buy parmesan - asking our neighbours if they had some as she is Italian - swopping baked onions for them for loan of the real parmesan - everybody happy. Yum. It is a Jamie Oliver recipe and fantastic. So simple but it really adds to a meal like our stuffed cream cheese Chicken breast that we fancied for dinner. Followed by ice cream....I'm confessing right now so that I can get back to it today!!!!
It was sort of a hormonal swing towards needing something sweet!!

I am slowly coming round to thinking that I might need to see the GP about my ear. I have been having problems with it for ages now and keep hoping it is going to go away. Then (for a while now) I have had a very painful jaw on the same side of my face, and that is not getting any better either. Is there a connection I wonder? That is what I am worrying about I suppose and what might get me to have it checked out properly. I thought I was clenching my jaw whilst sleeping due to stress etc as I know I do that sometimes, but this feels different to that. Almost as if someone has socked me one on my jaw and it is bruised and cracked. Dunno, its odd.

Right, it's Monday, it's washing; it's housework; it's painting; it's lots of stuff indoors in the warm day!!!
Sue xx

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