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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

First photos from Sweden!

Tim's house is the one on the left side of the photo.

Their kitchen.

Sitting/dining room.

His room.

At the bakery!

TIm posted these photos yesterday on facebook which I am really pleased about. It's always good to have a picture of where he is and what it all looks like etc. We haven't spoken on skype as yet, but that's ok now I have seen these and know he is fine. Apparently it is baking bread that he will be doing which is different from what he usually does here, as he prefers the cakes etc, but these are skills he will always be able to use - I hope he learns how to make brioche for my high tea!!! Who thinks he looks a little like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets on the AH advert?!!!!!! Must be the hat, right?! He seems happy with everything so far and that is positive. The time will fly I am sure, and at the moment I am enjoying my alone time quite nicely thanks. I am tackling his room a little day by day. He won't recognise the state of it when he returns - it will be CLEAN!!!! Now I know where he loses his socks............and the extra washing has to be done which means going into the freezing cold of our attic at regular intervals - brrr!
Speaking of his room................its that or making mini meringues for the freezer........tough choice!!
Sue xx

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