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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Genghis Khan.

Our lovely, lovely Genghis Khan.
I'm writing this post now as I know that tomorrow it will be impossible. With a  very heavy heart we are going to have to say goodbye to this dearest of all creatures. He really is too poorly now to carry on so the kindest way we can repay his 15 years of loving devotion to us is by showing him the same kindness in return even though our hearts are breaking.
So let me tell you a little about his life with us.
In 1997 we decided we'd like a Siamese cat to join our household. We found a breeder not too far from where we were living in Maltby, Yorkshire, and went off to see the kittens. There were just two left. We sat in the room with the two little boy kittens and the owner told us that we couldn't choose one - one would choose us. He said that if a Siamese doesn't like you then he or she will never be your friend. Well, this one little creamy white kitten with a stripey tail decided he liked us. Despite his father, Sher Khan being a top champion cat, this smaller version was totally imperfect as a show cat. His legs are too short, his ears are too small, his eyes are completely crossed and there is nothing showy about him at all!
On the way home we started thinking about names, and eventually I came up with Genghis Khan. It seemed to suit him perfectly. Our love affair with him began immediately, and he seemed to feel the same about us.
In 2000 we moved to The Netherlands bringing Genghis over on the ferry. He seemed ok about moving and in the course of the past 12 years he has done it 4 times. Each time I gave him a little pep talk about how he was very much loved by us so it would be extremely silly to run off and get lost, and not be found again. He never once got lost or even tried to leave us. He did get shut in a shed for a few days when we lived in Zoetermeer and it was a terrible time for us. We circulated flyers to all the houses with his picture asking people to check their sheds etc because it was an extremely hot summer and everybody was outdoors all day long. Suddenly he re-appeared and that was the only time he was away from home.
Whilst we were living in Zoetermeer we bought a second cat as a friend for Genghis and to brighten up his days as he got older. Enter Xander, or rather Alexander The Great. Genghis was extremely annoyed with us for introducing this usurper but after a while they became inseparable for 8 years. Sadly Xander had a tumour and suddenly had to go to sleep two years ago on New Years Eve.
Genghis was distraught at the loss of his pal, and pined for him so badly that we decided to look for another cat to keep him company. In the beginning of 2010 Finka came along and it was so obviously the right thing to do as Genghis cheered up almost immediately. He has tolerated her youthful antics well and been her constant companion and champion ever since. Roles will be reversed this time without a doubt.
A life only full of love is not a bad thing to have known, and there are so many pets and animals who never get to be so lucky, so I can honestly say that our mutual love affair with our beloved Genghis has been rewarding and brilliant every single day of his life. I cannot imagine tomorrow, I can only make sure that we give him the most comfortable and loving attention until then.
Sue xx


Ineke said...

Die lieve goede oude Genghis! Wat zullen jullie hem gaan missen! Heel veel sterkte morgen! Liefs, Ineke

Double Dutch said...

Oh no! really sorry to hear this :'( Hopefully you can take a little comfort in the fact that YOU have provided him with a loving and safe home for all these years and a cat cannot ask for better than that. You are doing the right thing, the thing all pet owners must face and it is the last act of love you can give to him. xx